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It’s a Bull Market

May 4, 2008

Wall Street is good. Wall Street is right. Wall Street works. Wall Street captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit.

Wall Street also captured the hearts and minds of the voters in its first round match-up with Lethal Weapon, capturing all four votes to unanimously advance to the second round.

While both films nicely captured a pair of ubiquitous 80s themes – gratuitous nudity and cocaine use (and even the latter was rather unnecessary to the plot line of Wall Street) – Wall Street advanced on sheer rewatchability. There may not be nobility in poverty anymore, but there’s even less in being forced to sit through Lethal Weapon 21 years after it was made.

Mel Gibson’s mullet (and his ass) only allows for so much entertainment. Overall, the move wasn’t much more than your classic buddy cop film — only look, it’s a black guy and a white guy!

Wall Street, released just two months after the stock market crash of 1987 (I learned that one from an AMC commercial), captured an era. From the way Bud Fox’s million-dollar condo was decorated to the slick-backed hair, white collars on blue shirts and suspenders worn by Gordon Gekko. On top of that, in spite of the numerous viewings over the past 20-plus years, it still felt fresh and relevant. For that, it advances to the round of 64, where it will meet the winner of Stand by Me and Coming to America.

– Noonan


Miracle on Ice Round 1: #6 v #27 Fight!

April 22, 2008

In this corner, weighing in at 175 lean, sexy pounds, the man who’s face launched a thousand douches, Gordon Gekko! Mr. Gekko, who certainly needs no introduction (at least if you’re a day trader, a wannabe day trader, a guy who’s seen Glengarry Glen Ross, a guy who thinks Alec Baldwin is the tits, or a guy that calls other guys-not-their-barber “champ,” “chief,” or “boss”), is the representative of one half of our first match:

#6 – Wall Street

making guys want to punch other guys for decades


#27 – Lethal Weapon!

What really sets this movie apart from the other buddy-cop movies of the decade like Beverly Hills Cop is the fact that the biggest star of the film has no speaking roles. That’s right. It’s Mel Gibson’s mullet. Definitely rivals Patrick Swayze’s Roadhouse mullet, and that is no mean feat. It also stars Danny Glover, who was like a billion years old in the first one, yet managed to stay alive for 3 sequels. The challenge for Lethal Weapon will be avoiding seepage from its sequels. Joe Pesci was bad enough, but Joe Pesci and Chris Rock? Puh-lease.

Hey Moe!

So who ya got?

– Venkman